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Electric ScooterDimensions Faucon e9
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  pour le développement de la
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Association nationale pour le développement de la mobilité électrique Association nationale pour le développement de la mobilité électrique
Faucon e9 caracteristiques

Scooter Faucon e9 – Technical specification:

Motor:                          Brushless electric, no maintenance needed, built into back wheel, direct drive. 2 redundant motors in the back wheel.
Max speed:                 120Km/h (electronic limiter), Climbing capability: 40%
Power:                        9000W standard (12bhp, equivalent 125cc), 17KW peak (23bhp, equivalent acceleration to a 400cc), Max torque: 250Nm
Autonomy:                  Faucon e9s: min 100Km–140Km, Faucon e9: min 140Km–200Km, Faucon e9+: min 170Km–240Km;(depending on driving style)

Battery Type:             NMC = Lithium Nickel Manganèse Cobalt Oxide, (MnNiCo Ternary Material + LiMn2O4), BMS (Battery Management System, protects against overcharging and exess discharge)
Life span:                  >800* complete recharge cycles, (depending on driving style. Example: 5000 km/y -> 50 cycles/y, Life Span: >12 years)
Capacity:                    Faucon e9s: 80AH/5.8KWh;  Faucon e9: 100AH/7.2KWh;  Faucon e9+: 120AH/8.7KWh
Charger:                      On board, Power 1.7-1.8 kW, 110-220V (50/60Hz), charging cable on board to be connected to any domestic socket
Charging time:           2-3h for one complete charge (Red 50%, yellow 80%, green 100% indicator), Remaining autonomy indicator on the dashboard

Electronic controller:   Type Sevcon (UK), BMS in each battery block, EBS: charging battery when braking, dashboard with trip counter (km/miles)

Front/Back breaks:      Hydraulic brake disks, combination brake according to new EU Regulations, Diameter 220 mm, dual piston brake pads
Front/Back tires:         13 inches (130/60-13)
Suspensions:                hydraulic shock absorber
USB:                              2 USB connectors for Smartphone… (5V 1A, 5V 2.1A)
Headlights:                    H1 - Headlights with 2 position lights and head beam lights, taillight in LED
Available colours:        silver/blue, black matt

Between axes:              153cm, Seat height: 76cm, width: 72,5cm height with wind shield: 140cm, total length: 215cm
Weights:                        Total weight with battery: Faucon e9s: 172kg, Faucon e9: 182kg, Faucon e9+: 192kg, + 2 passagers max 150kg

Scooter license:           Scooter 125cc, homologated as vehicle MTL in category L3e for two persons.
Driving license:            B (until 03.1980 allowed, after 2013: 2 years of validity and 7h of training, A1 (125cc), A2 ou A (Moto)
Warranty:                     Scooter + Battery: 3 years or 30.000km (not applicable to plastic pieces and wear parts),(Batterie optional 5 years, 50.000km)
                                      Warranty for battery is only provided if operating instructions are fully respected.