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faucon e9 scooter electrique

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Driving electric cars or scooters are fascinating new and fun experiences and a major shift in our way how to commute.

If you ever have tried an electric car, you have certainly felt the tremendous comfort and easy of drive, the absolute silence and absence of bad fumes and hence they are very much respecting our environment. At the same time these engines are very powerful and have an outstanding acceleration and speed.

Now you can benefit from the same comfort and same power with our scooters.
The main difference between electric cars and Faucon scooters is that the maximum distance to drive and speed is largely sufficient for any travel you may plan for.

The Faucon electric scooter are clean (no oils, no grease..) and are almost maintenance free. The only regular checks to be conducted are to verify the breaks and break discs, the break fuids and the tires. So if you check every 2500km (please read carefully the user manual) with your garage you are sure to have done all that is necessary to do.

Zero emissions: CO+CO2: 0 g/km, HC: 0 g/min, Nox: 0 g/km, Noise levels: -- dB(A)