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Faucon e9 electric scooter

Who Are We?
Andreas Kolar is the founder of Faucon Moto®. He holds a master degree in electrical engineering from the Vienna Technical University, Austria. Andreas has worked in the IT and technology sectors for over 30 years. His wide range of experience covers from management positions in international companies and setting up start-up companies. He has always been fascinated by the innovations in the technology world.

How Was Faucon Moto Created?
As a director in his previous position in Hewlett Packard, Andreas travelled frequently to Asia, especially to China. He saw the vast number of electric vehicles on the Chinese roads, from buses, taxis, electric scooters to e-bikes. He was amazed by how the technology has evolved and how popular e-vehicles are in China. He had the idea to buy one in France, so that he can use it as a means of convenient transportation, and also use it with his wife to enjoy the beautiful coastal and mountain areas of the Cote d’Azur. He contacted many dealers in the whole of France, but to his disappointment, he could not find a product which offers the right combination of power, autonomy, ease of use (weight) and the price that he was looking for.

Disappointment turned into motivation, he started to search elsewhere. After several months of thorough study, he found a suitable electric scooter produced by a good Chinese manufacturer. This first electric scooter seeded the beginning of Faucon Moto®. Andreas forged a partnership with an experienced electric scooter company in Germany to optimize purchase price and transportation. Together, they worked with the Chinese manufacturer to make improvements and modifications on the existing product to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the German and French markets.

In the autumn of 2017, Faucon Moto® was officially born! The Peregrin Falcon is the fastest bird on earth, with a maximum flying speed of 400km/h. This falcon is fast and quiet and so gave name to Faucon Moto® which represents speed, power and precision, just like the falcon on the sky!

Faucon Moto® Electric Scooters – Quality First!
Safety and quality are the absolute top priority for Andreas. All the Faucon models have accredited with the new 2016 EU homologation and are ISO 9001 certified. The products have also been tested and certified by TÜV Germany. Andreas and his German partner check every production on site to ensure each and every scooter meet their strictest quality standard.