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faucon e9 scooter electrique
Faucon e9 scooter électrique
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Faucon Moto and After Sales Support:
We work since 2016 with our factory in Asia, and are since 2018 general importer for France. During the last 2 years we have constantly improved these scooters to put them on a quality level that matches customer expectations in France and Europe. I myself drive a Faucon e9 and we have all the detailed knowledge and technical experiences that is required to fully know about these scooters. Therefore we can help our clients with any questions they may have.
Beyond this, Faucon Moto has created a sophisticated logistique system with our warehouse and we stock all spare parts, so that our resellers can quickly repair our scooters. Despite the maintenance free motorisation, an electric scooter is still a scooter, and hence needs maintenance and repair work as any other petrol scooter, including tire changes, brake pad changes and other maintenance work that is common with 2 wheel vehicles. To think that an electric scooter does not require any maintenance or potential repair work is not a credible approach, and this is exactly why we work with competent resellers and garages together. Thus we can assure our customers that their scooter will work well in the long-term.

The result of this effort is, that we are now the 2nd most sold electric scooter in the 125cm3 category in France. We rank just behind a well known car manufacturer and two electric motobike producers. For your trust in our brand and our competence, we would like to share the links below where journalists have written about us:

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