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The latest in Battery technology !

The heart of an electric scooter is its battery.
We use the latest and best battery technology (i.e. NMC) in the Faucon scooters e9 et e9+. These batteries are based on MnNiCo Ternary Material + LiMn2O4, which have an outstanding cycle performance.
The battery producer is the No.4 in the world and has a partnership agreement with General Electric.

Each Modul is hermetically sealed, waterproof and non-flammable. In addition, each Modul and has its own BMS(Battery Management System). This type of battery is very reliable, stable and has no memory effect. We give 2 years or 20.000km standard warranty on the battery. Warranty for battery is only provided if operating instructions are fully respected.

It's minimum life span* is >800 complete charging cycles or 1.700 real life charging. (If you run 5000 Km/year you benefit from a life span of more than 12 years). The operating temperature is between -15°C et +40°C.
The Faucon e9s has 4 moduls (80AH/5.8KWh).
The Faucon e9   has 5 moduls (100AH/7.2KWh).
The Faucon e9+ has 6 moduls (120AH/8.7KWh).

* The battery life span is calculated on the basis of 70% remaining capacity available compared to a new battery. Beyond that, it continues to work without problems but with a reduced charge. The life span of a battery depends on proper handling and respecting its operating instructions.
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