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electric vehicle saving

One main advantage of an e-scooter is the potential cost reduction over a petrol scooter:

90% fuel cost saving:
Instead of petrol fuel at >1,4 €/liter -> electricity costs 0,09 €/KW
a petrol scooter costs:         ~5,60 €/100Km
an electric scooter costs:    ~0,40 €/100Km
You save >90% of the fuel cost!

Maintenance cost saving:
Instead of regular maintenance (oils, spark plugs...) on a petrol scooter, no such maintenance is needed on an electric scooter. One only changes brake pads and brake liquid and the tires when needed, nothing else.
Because it is a very standard procedure, most Scooter garages can, and will do maintenance on our electric scooters.

Insurance cost saving:
Instead of insurance for a 400cc petrol scooter, you only needs an insurance for a 125cc machine. Lower insurance cost for a more powerful machine!

Cost saving example (not contractual):

Drive ~5000km/y:                                Estimated saving of 260 €
Maintenance 250 €/an vs 90 €/y:      Estimated saving of 160 €
Insurance 700 €/an vs 300 €/y:         Estimated saving of 400 €

Total estimated savings per year: 820 €/y

After 5 years this saves roughly 4100 € in favour of a Faucon e-scooter!

faucon e9 economiserFaucon e9 e scooter

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